What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell a Car In QLD?

What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell a Car In QLD?

In Queensland, when selling a car, you typically need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) from an approved inspection station if the car is registered, or a clear sale contract including VIN details, signatures, and sale date if the car is unregistered.

Do I Need A Roadworthy To Sell My Car

You’ve reached that point – the time to bid farewell to your trusty car. It’s been a faithful companion, navigating through countless journeys. 

Whether it’s the growing family or simply a longing for something newer, letting go of your prized possession in Queensland involves a few crucial steps outlined by the state’s transport laws.

Queensland Roadworthy Certificate (RWC)

Before you even consider selling your car in Queensland, one indispensable step is obtaining a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC). 

This certificate serves as proof that your registered vehicle complies with safety standards for public roads.

Selling A Registered Car

For a registered vehicle, securing an RWC from an approved inspection station (AIS) is mandatory. 

While you can advertise the car without the certificate, finalizing the sale requires this crucial document. Ensure you obtain the RWC before transferring ownership.

Selling an Unregistered Car

If your vehicle is unregistered, selling it without an RWC is permissible. However, establishing a clear paper trail for the sale is crucial. 

A simple yet comprehensive contract or receipt should include vital details such as VIN/chassis/engine numbers, make, model, date of sale, and the signatures of both parties.

Repairing the Car Before Selling

Encountering issues with your vehicle before putting it up for sale isn’t uncommon.

Whether you were already aware of certain damages or they surface during inspections, there are options to consider.

Selling Without Damages

Consulting a qualified mechanic is pivotal. Prioritise repairs necessary for the RWC inspection: tires, brakes, steering, suspension, body damage, windscreen, and lights.

Communicate to the mechanic that you’re only addressing components that significantly increase the car’s value.

Selling With Damages

In some cases, repairs might exceed the potential increase in the sale price. Selling the car ‘as is’ to an auto dealer, dismantler, or privately as an unregistered vehicle could be the best route. 

Transparency about past and required repair work is crucial in such instances.

Alternative Options to Ease the Process

Looking to streamline the selling process and paperwork involved? Consider a Canberra car buyer

They can handle the paperwork hassle, requiring only a few documents from you: a copy of your driver’s license, the car’s registration certificate, and a signed vendor’s statement. No hidden fees, just a smooth transaction.


Selling your car in Queensland involves adherence to legal and safety requirements. Whether it’s obtaining the essential RWC or navigating the repair decisions, understanding these steps is key to a successful and lawful sale. 

Consider your options wisely, ensuring a seamless transition from owner to seller.

For a stress-free selling experience, exploring different avenues like a car dealership might just be the ticket to ease the process and get the price you desire.

Remember, it’s crucial to verify all the information under the latest legal requirements in Queensland before publishing. 

This adapted article focuses on the specific guidelines outlined in the reference article, targeting the Australian audience and their vehicle sale processes.

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