What Are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars use two or more engines at a time, i.e., electric motor & conventional engine (either petrol or diesel). Sometimes the electric motor does all the work, while sometimes, the vehicle is run by a gas engine. A few times, both machines work together for a common purpose. The reduced emission of gasoline and electric power can boost performance overall.

The popularity of hybrid cars is still imminent, as people need to be made aware of the benefits it throws when used.  Since electric motors assist the engine in functioning, hybrid cars consume less fuel; hence the release of toxic gases in the environment drastically falls.

With the growing advancement of technology, the cost of manufacturing hybrid cars has come under the affordability range for manufacturers and buyers. You have open options to sell your traditional vehicles for Cash for Cars Canberra and buy a hybrid one.

Types Of Hybrid Vehicles

Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A full-hybrid or parallel-hybrid vehicle uses combustion and electric motors to run the car simultaneously or independently. This is one of the most common hybrid vehicles that relatively store a small amount of electric charge. The electric power used along the combustion engine improves fuel efficiency.

For a short distance, full-hybrid cars can be switched to run completely on an electric charge when the speed must be low to drive within the town.

Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Mild hybrid vehicles use electric motors and combustion engines, but these two power sources can’t be used independently. The small electric power is only there to assist the machine, not to regulate the entire car.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

As the name defines, plug-in hybrid vehicles are run through charged batteries. The vehicle follows a complete set of working of a full hybrid car, but adding bigger batteries that are charged from external sources provides an electric-only range.

How Hybrid Electric Vehicles Work?

The combustion or gasoline engine and electric motors move the cars using stored energy in the battery. The main performance areas are regenerative braking & dual power sources.

Regenerative Braking

The batteries are not charged when plugged in; regenerative braking helps the battery get charged. The kinetic energy produced by the moving car is transformed into electrical power and stored in the batteries for later use. When the brakes are applied, the resistance slows down the wheels that recharge the batteries.

Dual Power

The electric motor is used at low speeds, so the combustion engine starts to pick up the power. This time, the electric motor uses a combustion engine to charge itself to the full. The electric motor provided vehicles with additional energy in the times of accelerating.

Advantages Of Hybrid Cars 

Environmentally Friendly

One of the main advantages in using a hybrid car is the protection of the environment from the toxic release of gases. Since the vehicle is dual-powered, it cuts fuel costs and conserves energy.

Cost Savers

The annual tax bills of hybrid cars are comparatively lower than the conventional ones. With the dual battery concept, the vehicles consume less fuel, saving you an overall cost.

Sustainability of Fossil Fuels

The vehicles consume a lower amount of fuel, there the sustainability of fossil fuel is guaranteed. As the demand for gasoline in the market falls, the price of it goes down automatically following the demand/supply curve.

Regenerative Braking System

An exceptional approach to charging batteries whenever you apply brakes has ruled the market since its launch. The mechanism of released energy to store in the battery to get it recharged saves you time to stop and charge the engine using external sources.

Manufactured From Lighter Materials

Hybrid vehicles are built using lighter materials, requiring less energy to run them. The engine is lighter & smaller so it saves energy.  The gasoline engine is also small and highly efficient as they don’t have to power the car alone.

Higher Resale Value

With the growing price of gasoline, more and more people are switching toward buying hybrid cars. The increase in demand has raised the resale value of these cars, and you can sell them at premium prices to buyers looking for this model.

Less CO2 Emission

Conventional cars are one of the leading contributors to global warming due to the emission of toxic gases in the environment. The consumption of electrical power has tremendously declined the sole dependence on gasoline motors resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.

Improved Air Quality

Vehicles usually release harmful particles into the environment that significantly contaminate the air and risk our health. With electrical engines, release of such harmful particles is controlled, preserving health and the atmosphere for you to breathe in.

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars 

Less Power

The gasoline engine is of less power as compared to the single-engine powered cars, and the electric motor doesn’t provide a complete backup.


Buying hybrid vehicles can be very expensive compared to regular ones. The cost of the car is hard to bear, but the ultimate cost saving in the form of less fuel consumption and tax exemption might cover the one-time expense of buying it.

High Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining hybrid vehicles comes hard on pockets because the presence of dual-engine makes it difficult for the mechanics to manage it under less cost. It is also hard to find someone with expertise in such vehicles and the knowledge to combat any arising complication.

The Final Verdict

With the growing technology, it is better to make the best use of Hybrid cars rather than avoid them due to a certain level of complication. Hybrid vehicles are in demand these days, and their popularity will increase over time.

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