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    How to Get Rid of Damaged Car in Canberra for Top Cash?

    What if your car has reached its maturity point and is no longer willing to go out for a ride? Are you looking for an unwanted car removal service?

    Well, let’s put it straight. The damaged car is taking up a lot of your parking space, and you need to get rid of it.

    Well, here is a way to get a bigger catch. Or should we rather say Cash?

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    Scrap My Car Canberra is a leading car buyer offering free car removal service in Canberra. We don’t have high standards when it comes to buying cars, trucks or 4x4s. You can get Cash for any kind, model and brand. You name it.

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    How to Get Rid of Damaged Car in Canberra for Top Cash?

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    • Our Cash for Scrap Car Service is just so simple!
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    • We can arrange for an inspection at any time you like.
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    • Our tow truck drivers can always offer scrap car removal within 24 hours.
    • We offer free car removal Canberra for damaged, dead, junk, non-running, and unroadworthy vehicles.

    5 Most Common Car Collision Damages

     Here are the five most common damages that occur in vehicles:

    5 Most Common Car Collision Damages

    This accounts for nearly a third of all accident damage. And once there is a crack, it is bound to spread.

    Very well expected. Made of rigid plastic, headlights are one area of least resistance in a vehicle. Hence, they tend to be impacted first in a collision.

    Fenders are another most damaged part. Even a slight collision through our garage doors, fences or side end collision may wreak havoc on fenders.

    The front grille is one of the most susceptible parts to damage during driving. They make up 20% of all damage during a collision.

    Wheels represent 15% of all damage done to vehicles in a collision. Present in all four corners of the car, they are prone to injuries by nails, curbs, potholes and road debris.

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